September 2019-Net Worth Update

September was another great month for the growth of my Net-Worth. I increased my Net-Worth by $1500 this month!
My strategy this month was to control my spending and smash debt with the rest. Mission Accomplished! This post will update the status of my  debt, assets, and Net-worth.

Here is a look at Net-worth at the end of September 2019.


Another skyline.
Credit Card
My credit card bill decreased by $1321.25 dollars this month! Paying off this credit card bill has been my main priority for the past three months and I am proud to say that I’ve made tremendous progress.
Student Loans
My student loans also decreased by approximately $187 this month. Bringing my total balance to $11,446.90. Its amazing to think that when I graduated from school four years ago my loans were more than $30,000. Now I only have one third left!
Ladies dancing in the park is a pretty common thing.


My cash decreased by (-$53.30) because I made some last minute purchases. One of my friend’s went back to the States so a purchased another Project FI phone and had him bring it to me ($100). I also paid for the annual hosting subscription to this site ($143). Although my cash position has been pretty consistent for the last few months, I would like to increase this amount in the future.
After paying off my credit card debt, increasing my cash position will be my next priority. Possibly, saving at least three months of expenses.
Take a look at a summary of my September assets.
My investment accounts grew by $162 this month!I invest mostly in ETF’s that mirror the S&P 500. I have a long term investment strategy. Which means that the fluctuations in the market today don’t really affect me much.
We found this piece of art in front of the train station.


My net-worth increased by approximately $1600! That is amazing! Months like these are extremely motivating on my journey to financial independence.
My Net worth is now ($-1,119.22)! My Net worth has grown by a little more than $6,000 YTD. Looking forward to next month, I’m SO Excited to FINALLY have a positive Net worth. This will be the first time since I was a senior in high school.

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