My Financial Independence Goals: 2020

We are officially 8 days into the the new decade, and I’ve yet to share my financial independence goals for the New Year.
Before I share my goals, I would like to clearly state my personal mission for the next decade. I plan to use this statement as a rudder to direct ALL my decisions for the foreseen future.

I also want to say…
This my first time sharing my goals with ANYONE other than my girlfriend. I didn’t share them in the past because then I would have to work on making them come true.
So If you are reading this… Please feel free to call me on my shit… if… I start making excuses about not being able to accomplish my goals.
So…Here it is:
Mission: To build a life that allows me to help who I want, when I want, and how I want.
I value flexibility and helping people accomplish their goals. So this is my rudder, now let’s look at my ship, or my goals.
I’ve divided my goals into four categories: Fitness, Finance, Blog & Professional, & Spiritual. Check them out below.


Complete a Marathon – NO WALKING

It’s always been a dream to complete a marathon, but every year I make up some bull**** excuse to why I can’t run. I’ve blamed everything from the schedule, to money, to my conditioning. I’m done!
Fortunately, the last four months, I’ve run more than I ever had. I’m in the best ‘running shape’ that I’ve ever been in, and I want to leverage this momentum to accomplish my longtime goal.

Solve my Back Problem

For whatever reason, I’ve developed this burning sensation in my back that won’t go away. I’ve researched some possible causes, and I think it can be solved by strengthening my core and the muscles in my back.

Financial Independence Goal: Money

No Credit Card Debt: $0

$6000 of credit card debt really set me back in 2019. Poor planning, specifically for major expenses, caused the debt to accumulate. This year, I want to plan for every major expense, and not pay a dime of credit card interest in 2020.
Some of my major expenses include an 11 day trip to Thailand in February, and a 30 day trip to America in July.
I will be proactive rather than reactive!

Invest $100 a Month

I’m setting this goal to ensure that I’m consistently contributing to my investment accounts. In 2019, there were several months that I didn’t invest a dime for my future. That CANNOT happen going again. As a 26 year old investor, “time” is in my favor. I can’t let this opportunity go to waste by having dead months, or months without ANY contributions.

Follow an Annual Budget

Although I did a decent job of keeping a monthly budget in 2019. I never had an annual plan for my money. This year I will set annual financial independence goals and divide them into 12 different budgets.

Track EVERY Expense

The last quarter of 2019 was the first time that I tracked everything that was coming in… and everything that was going out. Tracking my expenses and income made me pay so much more attention to my money. I want to be more aggressive and capture every expense for the entire year. Fortunately, I currently have the systems to make this happen.

Save $6000 for a Certification

I made the decision this year to continue to stay in Asia for the foreseen future. The best jobs, as teachers, in Asia are at International Schools. In order to qualify for many of those jobs I need to have a certification from any State in America. That certification currently cost about $6000.

Business & Professional

Hit 100 Readers a Month for 3 Months

Although I don’t want this blog to become spammy marketing engine. I would like to have people read it. At least, so I can get some feedback on my writing. I think this goal will make me maintain a consistent posting schedule. I know that If I stay consistent I can hit this goal before the end of the year.

Find a better Teaching Job in China

I’ve lived in China for a little over a year now and I have always had significant problems with my employer. Finding a better employer after I finish this contract is a must.
Financial Independence Goals


This is a new category for me. I’ve never set spiritual goals before. I think they will be good for me. If anyone has any experience with setting these types of goals please comment below.

Pray Daily

Consistency is the aim here. I think setting this goal will help me start praying more frequently. My strategy here will be to make the prays as simple as possible.

Weekly Devotional

Spending 20 minutes a week on independently developing my spiritual foundation will help me grow my beliefs.

Read 3 Spiritual Books

I spend a lot of my time learning about all kinds of topics. I know I should invest more time and energy into exploring my spiritual beliefs. Only one of the books I read in 2019 was a spiritual book. I going to add two more to that list in 2020.
Thank you for taking the time to review my  financial independence goals. Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on my writing.

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