30 Day’s of Blogging: My Beginner Daily Blogging Journey

Beginner Daily Blogger
I’m committed! 2020 won’t be another year of half-a** mediocrity. Action! Action! Action! That’s the motto!
One goal is to have 100 readers per month for three consecutive months. It seems like a pretty simple S.M.A.R.T goal [Smart Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Sensitive], that can easily be accomplished in 2020.

What’s Wrong With my Blog Now?

When I was reviewing why my blog doesn’t currently have 100 readers, I came to the following conclusions:

  1. People don’t know my blog exists
  2. Search Engines [Google] don’t know my blog exists
  3. My content is S***
Some variation of all of these problems are limiting my blogs success. Now… what’s the motto? Action! Action! Action!

The Solution

What could I do to solve these problems? My first thought was to read a book about Social Media or take a course on SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. But… that’s what I would’ve done in 2019. It’s 2020 and what’s the motto? … Action! Action! Action! The only solution is to take action and reading a book is not that for me right now.
But what action and how much?
Then I remembered, a friend of mine started a successful podcast about 4 years ago. I asked how her podcast was so successful? She said her strategy was to flood her niche market with content so no other podcast could compete. She posted more than 400 podcast in two 2 years and can easily be found on the first page of a Google search! Today, her podcast still gets about 2000 downloads a month… and here is the kicker … she hasn’t posted an episode in more than 2 years.
When I thought about her story and how I could learn from it, this is what I came up with.
A 30 Day – Daily Blogging Challenge – 1 Blog post every day for 30 consecutive days.

30 days of daily content should be enough to jump start me to 100 readers. If after 30 days I don’t have 100 readers, I can re-evaluate and choose to extend to 60 days or try another strategy.

What do I Hope to Accomplish from Daily Blogging?

At the end of 30 days what do I hope to have learned from this exercise?

That I’m A Better Writer

Writing everyday should improve my writing skills a little and my content should improve. I’m hoping my writing process becomes more efficient also. Possibly earning ANY feedback from readers would be a plus also.

Is SEO worth the Hype?

Does SEO really matter? Or do people focus on SEO as a way to procrastinate writing content. When I make this content and I don’t see an increase in organic traffic,  then I will have my answer.

How hard do I need to work?

Contributing this many articles in a short period of time should give me an idea of how much work I’m going to have to put into making content.
It should also begin to give a little momentum toward reaching my goal of having 100 readers per month for 3 consecutive months.
Overall I’m hoping this experiment will give me an idea of where I should focus my attention: Content, SEO, Website design, etc.

What Will I Write About?

  1. Financial Independence
  2. Travel
  3. Living Abroad
  4. Budget Updates
  5. Running
  6. Expense Tracking
  7. Saving Money
  8. Relationships
  9. Goal Updates

When does my Beginner Daily Blogging Journey start?

Now! [January 9th, 2020]
So I’ve known that I was going to start daily blogging for about a week now and have already published 2 posts.
You can check them out here.
I will be posting all of the links to my challenge here. Check it out when you get a chance. Thank you for following my Beginner Daily Blogging Journey. Remember! What is the motto? Action! Action! Action!

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