A Random Day In China

random day in china
Today was a random day in China. Saturdays are supposed to be my days off from work, but they’ve evolved into days of endless running around and meetings. So basically… another day of work… with no pay.
We are also fasting! I’ve been trying my best to avoid streaming any video content on any platform [Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, etc. ]. I’m sad to say that in today’s world this is a huge struggle for me, but I seen great results. I think part of the reason I’ve been able to keep up with this Daily Blog is because I haven’t been distracted by streaming.
This post is a recap of our random day in China with a few pictures [I know that everyone loves pictures]. I hope you enjoy.

Chinese Lessons

We started my day off with my weekly Chinese lessons. We’ve been consistently taking Chinese lessons for the past 6 months. We signed up not long after arriving in China with the hopes that we learn as much as we could before we left the country. Like most things in life, ” you get out what you put in”, and I haven’t been putting much effort into learning Chinese lately.
Therefore, my progress has been almost nonexistent. I know that if I want to really learn the language, I’ll need to consistently put the time and effort into being truly great. That means at least a minimum of 1 hour of Chinese practice everyday.

Budget Meeting

My girlfriend and I meet weekly to discuss “the state of our relationship” as well as how things are going with our money individually. The meetings have been going well so far. Well… as well as you would a expect a meeting that with the significant other about money to go. Even with our separate budgets we still find something to argue about.
I’m also proud that we have been sticking with them for so long. I owe most of that credit to my girlfriend.
Overtime I see these meetings paying off 10 fold. They help us take time to discuss topics that matter, and not get caught up in the daily routine of our “China Life”.
Something that adds structure to the meeting is reading a book that you can discuss at the meeting. The book that we are reading now is “Couples of the Bible”. I can’t recommend it yet, but I will let you know as soon as we finish it.

Food Fair

Our Chinese teacher invited us to a HUGE wholesale market that sold items for the Chinese New Year. The market sold everything from back massage-rs to beef jerky.
random day in China
We walked away with half a kilo of cashews, dried orange peals, raisins, and ginger tea.
a random day in China
The market was also another opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture. Our Chinese teacher taught us more about the ingredients that we see at the local markets. Most of these ingredients we would’ve over looked before, now I’m considering using them in dishes to cook with.

Another Budget Meeting

I few months ago I slipped up and introduced some of my American friends, in China, to the Financial Independence community. Long story short they are on FIRE! They’ve completely taken the advice from the podcast I recommended and ran with it. They’re now tracking their expenses and recruited us [my gf and I] to have bi-weekly accountability meetings.
Overall today was an amazing day, but it was just a random day of my life in China. I thought that I might take a few moments to share.
If you have any questions. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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