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7 Places to Eat in Shenzhen China

I’ve been living in Shenzhen, China for a little over a year and I’m still adjusting to new things everyday. Chinese food was one of the first adjustments I made rather swiftly after arriving in China.
I’d heard horror stories about foreigners and food in China. Anything from explosive diarrhea to unidentified mystery meat to days out sick because of a bad case of food poisoning. For 6 months I vowed to not be one of those stories.
When I finally relaxed and smelled the cumin, I realized that I was missing an opportunity to experience food from one of the oldest countries in the world. I just had to take it.
With that being said… I’m still going to take it slow. This article is a summary of 7 places that I eat in Shenzhen China.
So here it is:

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5 Thing to Consider Before Teaching English in China

Teaching English in Asia sounds like an amazing opportunity when you are sitting in your cubicle screaming “I hate my life” for the third time today. It is a great opportunity, but let’s be real, nothing is ever as good as it seems. I’m writing this article to look past the amazing Instagram account of your ESL Teacher best friend and bring some of the things to light that you should consider before teaching English in China.

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How to Avoid Shiny New Things: Accomplish your Goals in 2020

We are 15 days into the new year, which means that we are 15 days into our new year resolutions. Some people may have already fallen off the wagon, while others (me) are being hit constantly with “distractions”, and aren’t far from joining them.
You might think most of these distractions come from external sources (girlfriends, babies, work etc.), but its been the opposite experience for me. I’m most distracted by internal sources (me), in the form of “shiny new things”!
Just this morning, I was daydreaming, a typical prerequisite to distractions, and I had an amazing idea for a new website. I thought of an elaborate plan of how I could dominate this niche with this new site and I should get started quickly. Like a toddler, I temporarily discarded all of my goals for 2020 for this “shiny new thing”.
Thankfully I caught myself, and was able to refocus on my goals for the year.
This article is going to be a few tips (To: Myself) on how I can continue to avoid shiny new things and stay on the right track.

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Cost of Living Shenzhen China: My Top 10 Expenses Decemeber 2019

It’s time for another cost of living in Shenzhen China update.
December was another great month filled with new memories, Christmas Parties, and a few vacation days. I didn’t do any traveling for the month, because I know that I’ll have tons of days off next month. Financially it was also a great month! I was able to exceed my income goal and save much more than expected. So overall December 2019 was a good month!
I will take this time to review my Top 10 expenses, document my thoughts, and come up with a realistic plan to improve for the new decade.

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Future Millennial Caregiver Pursuing Financial Independence

Holy s*** my parents are getting old! They are both well into there mid 60’s, divorced, and single.The more I think about my plans for the future the more I realize the realities of becoming a millennial caregiver pursuing financial independence.

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How to build a running habit: From 0 – 10K

Today I ran my fastest 10k! 3 months ago I know for a fact that I couldn’t hardly finish a 5k, let alone a 10k. Not to toot my own horn, but I am extremely proud of myself. I’ve aways wanted to develop a running habit, but I would pick it up for a month or two and always fall off. Before I knew it, I would be back in my old ways. Until recently.This article gives 8 ways that helped me to build a running habit in 3 months.


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9 ways to make your lover love Budget Meetings

There is nothing sexier than watching my girlfriend fuss over cells in an excel spreadsheet at our weekly budget meetings.
For the last three months, my girlfriend and I have consistently been having weekly budget meetings. We spend a little over an hour in a restaurant reviewing our expenses and goals and thinking of ways to save more money.
 The first budget meeting was complete torture. It ended in a bunch of tears, broken hearts, and my broken ego. With some work the meetings improved, and now they have become more of a pleasurable experience. The budget meetings aren’t only a time to talk about money, but we also find ourselves talking and communicating much more than we did before.
I’m writing this post to share some tips that we’ve learned to help us stay on track and consistent.
** My girlfriend and I keep separate budgets, and use the budget meetings to talk about everything that we plan to do with our money individually**

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The Frugal Budget for Thailand 2020: Expat Edition

Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) is among us and students will be taking their annual winter break. This means I have some, much needed, time to travel and explore Southeast Asia. I won’t be working in my public school for the next 5 weeks! This post is going to be a brief review of my budget for Thailand and what I plan to spend.
This year my girlfriend and I plan on traveling in Thailand for 11 days! My cousin and his wife will also be joining us for the last 5 days of the trip. So, I’m look forward to seeing family and getting out of China for a while.
Thailand has been a HOT destination in the travel world lately. My Instagram feed is littered with pictures of painted Elephants and drowsy Tigers. Although, I’m not going for the animal sanctuaries, I hope I can see what the hype is about.

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30 Day’s of Blogging: My Beginner Daily Blogging Journey

I’m committed! 2020 won’t be another year of half-a** mediocrity. Action! Action! Action! That’s the motto!
One goal is to have 100 readers per month for three consecutive months. It seems like a pretty simple S.M.A.R.T goal [Smart Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Sensitive], that can easily be accomplished in 2020.

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My Financial Independence Goals: 2020

We are officially 8 days into the the new decade, and I’ve yet to share my financial independence goals for the New Year.
Before I share my goals, I would like to clearly state my personal mission for the next decade. I plan to use this statement as a rudder to direct ALL my decisions for the foreseen future.

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