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9 ways to make your lover love Budget Meetings

There is nothing sexier than watching my girlfriend fuss over cells in an excel spreadsheet at our weekly budget meetings.
For the last three months, my girlfriend and I have consistently been having weekly budget meetings. We spend a little over an hour in a restaurant reviewing our expenses and goals and thinking of ways to save more money.
 The first budget meeting was complete torture. It ended in a bunch of tears, broken hearts, and my broken ego. With some work the meetings improved, and now they have become more of a pleasurable experience. The budget meetings aren’t only a time to talk about money, but we also find ourselves talking and communicating much more than we did before.
I’m writing this post to share some tips that we’ve learned to help us stay on track and consistent.
** My girlfriend and I keep separate budgets, and use the budget meetings to talk about everything that we plan to do with our money individually**

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The Frugal Budget for Thailand 2020: Expat Edition

Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) is among us and students will be taking their annual winter break. This means I have some, much needed, time to travel and explore Southeast Asia. I won’t be working in my public school for the next 5 weeks! This post is going to be a brief review of my budget for Thailand and what I plan to spend.
This year my girlfriend and I plan on traveling in Thailand for 11 days! My cousin and his wife will also be joining us for the last 5 days of the trip. So, I’m look forward to seeing family and getting out of China for a while.
Thailand has been a HOT destination in the travel world lately. My Instagram feed is littered with pictures of painted Elephants and drowsy Tigers. Although, I’m not going for the animal sanctuaries, I hope I can see what the hype is about.

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30 Day’s of Blogging: My Beginner Daily Blogging Journey

I’m committed! 2020 won’t be another year of half-a** mediocrity. Action! Action! Action! That’s the motto!
One goal is to have 100 readers per month for three consecutive months. It seems like a pretty simple S.M.A.R.T goal [Smart Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Sensitive], that can easily be accomplished in 2020.

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My Financial Independence Goals: 2020

We are officially 8 days into the the new decade, and I’ve yet to share my financial independence goals for the New Year.
Before I share my goals, I would like to clearly state my personal mission for the next decade. I plan to use this statement as a rudder to direct ALL my decisions for the foreseen future.

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The 2019 Book Awards: The Books I Read in 2019

One thing that changed, in 2019, was my commute. I went from no commute to having a 1 hour commute by train. Rather than spending an hour watching You-tube or Netflix, which I would have done in the past, I thought the best way to maximize my time was to… read. Reading on the train turned out to be the best decision that I made all year!

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4 Reasons Why Its Easier to Save Money In Asia

Saving money is one of the benefits of moving to Asia. In some countries, “the Big 3”, (housing, transportation, and food costs) are almost always cheaper than in America. This alone makes Asia a perfect place to increase your net worth, but I’m starting to realize that there maybe other reasons why I find it easy to save.
The biggest reason is that I don’t feel the constant urge to buy shit here. I can go days without buying anything.
In Atlanta ,my hometown, this was not the case. From the time I woke up, I was blasted with advertisements attempting to get me to part with hard earned cash.
This article is going to explore 4 reasons why I think its easier to ignore the noise of advertisements, and peer pressure, and save money in Asia.

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September 2019-Net Worth Update

September was another great month for the growth of my Net-Worth. I increased my Net-Worth by $1500 this month!
My strategy this month was to control my spending and smash debt with the rest. Mission Accomplished! This post will update the status of my  debt, assets, and Net-worth.

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How I live in another country on my journey to Financial Independence

One of my goals in life is to become financially independent. This means that assets I own produce enough income (passively) to support my basic living expenses. I was well on my way to accomplishing that goal until 12 months ago…
I made the decision to quit my job and move across the world.
Why in the hell would I do that?
I have no clue.
If I had to answer (at least this is what I told my mom), I would say that  I was at a personal “cross-roads” at my old job. I had to internally commit to a career there, or look into pivoting into something else. Shit or get off the pot.
I looked at my coworkers, mainly the ones who worked with the company for more than 5 years… and I knew it was time to get off this pot.
In the back of my mind I reached another dilemma. I wanted to keep my dream of financial Independence moving in the right direction, but I also had these dreams of travel and experiences in my 20’s.
So… I did like every other millennial does… I googled “how to travel and make money”. And there it was… staring me in the face. “Teach English in Asia and make your travel dreams come true”.
For the next three months, I became obsessed with the ESL (English as a Second Language) industry. I could quote estimated salaries from countries all over the world. I could even tell you dozens of second hand stories about other peoples experiences, good and bad.
Fast forward 6 months and I am on a flight headed to Shenzhen China. I wish I could say I never looked back, but if I did that would be a lie. I constantly find myself thinking where would I have been financially if I didn’t decide to move to Asia.
This post is to help you…, well mostly me, understand the true cost of Teaching English in Asia on your journey to financial Independence.

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Why Are Engagement Rings So Expensive

I am so blessed to have someone in my life that is willing to put up with random obsessions, constant rants about money, and my constant need to be alone. After some time (6+ years), I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
After coming to that conclusion, I sit down at my computer and start shopping for the one thing that is “supposed” to show that love to someone. The one thing that is “supposed” to be a symbol of how much I care.
What do I discover instead?
A f****** (excuse my language) industry that is taking advantage of peoples’ emotions by over-charging them for an item that is ‘supposed’ to make them happy.
The prices of engagement rings are ridiculous!
This post is going to cover a brief history of the engagement ring, how much they cost, and what people actually spend on them.

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