February 2019 – Net Worth Update

February 2019 – Net Worth Update

February was another positive month for the net worth. We celebrated our first Chinese New Year in Shenzhen. Unfortunately, the city was completely empty, because Chinese nationals all migrate to their hometowns during the holiday. Since Shenzhen is a relatively new city (Less than 40 Years old) it doesn’t have many “townies”. So rather than celebrating Valentines Day (Thank God), we spent most of our time exploring the deserted city and conquering new mountain peaks.


February Action Item Review

Every month I make ‘Action Items” (or mini goals) to keep me focused on what is really important.  I try my best to set clear S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Sensitive). This month my “action items’ were to:

I accomplished one of my three ‘action items’ this month. Once again I failed to accomplish the goal of keeping my Restaurant/ Grocery spending in check. I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it. I just need to stay positive and keep moving forward.

Income ($2,430)

My income increased by $43 this month! My tax refund ($229) came in and I picked up a few side jobs (tutoring and dog sitting). My probation ended with my ESL job so I’m finally earning my full salary. Overall I’m excited about my income and the possible increases. I’ll say it again, I know I need to increase my income to reach my FI goals.

Dog Sitting for some extra cash!

Expenses ($2,134)

Travel ($805)

My largest expense for the month of February was $805 spent on travel.  In May, I plan on going back to the U.S. to visit family. I’m SO excited to finally sink my teeth into a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich. Spending $800 on a flight is comforting because this means I have $800 in my future budgets to use and still live comfortably.

Mobile Phone ($104)

I used more of my U.S. sim this month (to surf the web and make calls home). That means I paid $10 for each GB of data used. Fortunately Google FI has been the most consistent way to communicate to people back at home. I would recommend Google FI to anyone moving to China or abroad.

Transportation ($56)

With February hosting the largest Chinese Holiday, we spent more time exploring the city. We were out of the house more, meaning we rode more sub-way trains and Taxis. Although the subway is the most efficient way to get around, sometimes Taxi’s are the most convenient.

Debt ($14,778)


Student Loan

My loans have been in deferment for the past three months. Unfortunately, interest is still accumulating, therefore my student loans increased by $65.

Credit Cards

Some unexpected expenses came up this month therefore, my credit card balance increased by $107. I will continue to make reducing my credit card balance a priority.

Assets ($8,795)

The stock market is continuing to make a comeback from last December’s lows. My total assets have increased in value by $500. My assets are holding down my overall Net Worth, specifically my Vanguard brokerage account where I hold low cost ETFs.

Net Worth ($5,982)

My net worth increased by $329 this month! Considering I spent half of my earnings on plane tickets, I can’t complain. Overall the month went very well, and I look forward to what March has in store.

March Action Items

This i the portion of the post that I like to use to plan for next months goals. So my March ‘Action Items’ are to:

  1. Save 10% of all Income into retirement accounts
  2. Save $100 in cash savings
  3. Pay “Spontaneous” Medical Bill ($391)

Thank you for reading! See you all next month!


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