Fasting, Viruses, & Cabin Fever: Escaping the Coronavirus

When news of the coronavirus broke in China, my girlfriend and I were in the middle of a religious fast for the new year. The fast consisted of commitment to no social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and no streaming: YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu etc.
Unfortunately, precautions to survive the coronavirus include another list of commitments. The list includes: minimum exposure to humans, religiously wearing surgical mask, avoiding large crowds, and spending 98.7% of our day in the apartment.
The combination of avoiding the coronavirus and fasting has created cabin fever beyond measure. This blog post is going to be about how we’ve been spending our time in the apartment.

Walking the Dogs

Two of our friends went back to America, but left behind two four legged critters. Their names are Cissy and Nini. Taking care of these dogs temporarily has been a relief from reality. Unfortunately, dogs need to be walked. So three times a day I suit up with my surgical mask and go outside to let the two dogs do their business.

Write these blog posts

Ever since I committed to writing a daily blog post, I’ve spent the first 3 quarters of my day pondering what I would write about at night. After procrastinating for hours, at 10 pm, sometimes later, I pull myself to start writing this post. I usually finish between 12 – 1 am.
Even though it is sometimes a pain in my a** to write these posts, I’m glad that I’ve been staying on it.


I’ve made a habit of running over the past 4 months and the coronavirus isn’t going to change that.
Although I no longer run outside, for obvious reasons, I have taken to running on a treadmill in my apartment complex. So every night, at 9 pm, I crank out approximately 35 – 40 minutes on this treadmill.

Working Online

I’m very fortunate to be able to earn an income online from anywhere. Since I’m on holiday for Chinese New Year I’ve had the opportunity to earn a lot of money online. Most of my day is filled with working, mainly because it is probably the most efficient use of my time.


Cooking has been another precaution we’ve taken from the coronavirus. Cooking our own food really helps me sleep at night, because I know for sure that all of the materials were prepared properly. I’ve been cooking dinner every afternoon around 3 pm.
The actual cause of the coronavirus is unknown, but many people think that it may stem from animals. Therefore I’m taking extra precautions.

Listening to Dave Ramsey

Thank God that Dave Ramsey has 3 hours of shows released every day. For the past 2 days we’ve listened to at least two hours of his show. Its something entertaining to listen to since we are on a social media/ streaming fast. As a couple, the show sparks many interesting conversation that lead to constructive revelations…sometimes.


I’m not the cleanest person, but after hearing about the coronavirus I’ve become more aware of the impact of germs. I’ve found myself wiping down door knobs, cleaning toilet bowls, and mopping floors. All this to limit the possibility of bringing new germs into the apartment.
I never thought I would be so obsessed with cleaning, but lately its become a huge portion of my time.


Now that this is the last day of our religious fas, I look forward to plenty of hours of streaming in 2020. I also am looking forward to this coronavirus being behind us in the near future.
If you have anything to add to this post please feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading my post. See you next time.

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