Running In China: Update 3

It’s been an eventful week of news about the coronavirus. Currently, Shenzhen has 31 cases of coronavirus and 0 deaths. The province health department has implemented a mandatory rule that any one in public must wear a surgical mask. I hope this helps stop the spread of the virus. The Chinese New Year holiday has also been extended an additional 3 days. I can only assume this is to limit in unnesscary travel while the
All of this new information is very frightening and has limited me to running only on a treadmill in my apartment building. Even with this little set back I’ve been able to keep up with my daily running routine.

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Running in a Mega-City: Shenzhen

Today I ran the longest I’ve ever run in my life. I completed an 8-mile long run and I enjoyed every minute of it. I never thought I would be saying those words.
It wasn’t always this way. I just started running consistently 4 months ago, and it was a process to build the habit of running.

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How to build a running habit: From 0 – 10K

Today I ran my fastest 10k! 3 months ago I know for a fact that I couldn’t hardly finish a 5k, let alone a 10k. Not to toot my own horn, but I am extremely proud of myself. I’ve aways wanted to develop a running habit, but I would pick it up for a month or two and always fall off. Before I knew it, I would be back in my old ways. Until recently.This article gives 8 ways that helped me to build a running habit in 3 months.


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